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After-Sales Service

Exchange Policy
A replacement can be requested if one of the following conditions is met:
√The customer finds that the product is seriously inconsistent with the contract description in one or more important aspects within 15 natural days after receiving the goods;
√ Within 15 natural days after receiving the goods, the customer finds that the product has a performance failure that is not caused by man-made damage.

We have the right to refuse the customer’s replacement request in the following situations:
×The replacement request is made after more than 15 natural days from the date of receipt;
×Unable to provide legal purchase certificates or documents when exchanging goods, or forge or alter the documents;
×The replacement product is incomplete, or the appearance is artificially damaged;
×After testing by LZK Liangzhi technical support department, there is no quality problem in itself;
×Collisions and burns caused by non-self quality problems, and product quality problems caused by artificial modification, foreign matter (water, oil, sand, etc.), incorrect installation, and use and operation not in accordance with the instructions;
×Tearing and altering labels, machine serial numbers, waterproof marks, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc.;
×Products damaged by force majeure such as fire, flood, lightning strike, traffic accident, etc.;
×After contacting LZK Liangzhi to confirm the replacement service, the corresponding item was not sent out within 7 natural days;
×If the goods are damaged due to transportation, they propose to exchange the goods but fail to provide the goods damage certificate issued by the transportation company;
×Other circumstances stated in the policy.

Exchange Freight
For the replacement caused by the damage of product performance failure, LZK Liangzhi will bear the two-way freight for the replacement.

Maintenance Service
If the product has performance failure during the effective warranty period of the product, you can apply for product warranty service.

The implementation of free warranty service must meet the following conditions:
√The purchased product is normally used within the specified product warranty period, and the product has a non-human performance failure;
√No unauthorized disassembly, no modification or installation not guided by the official manual, and other non-human failures;
√Provide valid proof of purchase, receipt and order number.

The following situations do not belong to the situation of free product warranty service:
× Collision and burning accidents caused by man-made non-product quality problems;
×Damage caused by unauthorized modification, dismantling, shell opening, etc. not guided by the official manual;
×Damage caused by incorrect installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instruction manual;
×In the absence of official instructions and guidance, the damage caused by the customer repairing the assembly without authorization;
×Damage caused by circuit modification guided by unofficial instructions, or improper matching and use of accessories;
×Damage caused by failure to operate according to the product manual;
× Damage caused by operation in harsh environments, such as flooding, freezing, etc.;
×Damage caused by operation exceeding the safe withstand voltage;
×Damage caused by forced operation when parts are aging or damaged;
×Damage caused by reliability and compatibility issues when used with third-party components not certified by LZK Liangzhi at the same time;
×Damage caused by insufficient power supply or insufficient power supply due to the use of power with quality problems;
×The serial number of the machine, the factory label and other marks are torn or altered;

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