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LZK | Bending robot

6 axis | Grabber | Ground rail | Counterpoint

Solution description (operation steps):
The operator presses the start button →
The robot takes the material from the feeding plate and places it on the gravity centering platform for positioning→
After positioning, the robot takes the material to the bending machine for bending, and the flanging features on both sides of the bending →
After bending, the robot puts the workpiece on the posture conversion frame, and converts the posture →
After changing the posture, the robot grabs the bending gooseneck groove feature of the workpiece →
After bending, the robot puts the workpiece on the blanking plate→
Complete the bend

Man-hour requirements for robot bending:
The man-hour of robot single-piece bending is about: min/pcs; (calculated according to 24 hours)
Estimated man-hours for robot bending:
Bending man-hours of a robot single workpiece: about S.



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