LZK Bending Robot

6 axis  |  Grabber   |  Ground rail | Counterpoint

Program description (operation steps):
The operator presses the start button →
The robot takes the material from the upper material plate and places it on the gravity centering platform →
After positioning, the robot takes the material to bend at the bending machine and bends the flanging features on both sides →
After bending, the robot puts the workpiece on the posture conversion frame and switches the posture →
After changing the posture, the robot grabs the workpiece to bend the gooseneck groove feature →
After bending, the robot places the workpiece on the lower material plate →
Complete the bend

Robot bending work requirements:
The bending time of a single piece of robot is about: min/pcs; (by 24 hours)
Robot bending time estimate:
Robot single workpiece bending work: about S.

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