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Shipping And Delivery

Delivery Time And Rules

The delivery time of the product is affected by the inventory and production schedule. For details, please refer to the estimated delivery time when signing the contract. If multiple items are included in the same order, the delivery time is based on the item in the order with the longest estimated delivery time.
Since an order will not be split into multiple packages and sent separately before the expected delivery time, if you have special requirements for the delivery time, it is recommended to discuss with customer service.
Orders will be dispatched prior to the estimated ship time, which is subject to truck or ocean delivery.

Delivery Service

In mainland China, the default truck delivery is door-to-door, and users can also bring the car to the door to pick it up.

Shipping Instructions

All freight charges are agreed upon signing the contract, and freight settlement is completed by bank transfer.

Notice to users before delivery
When signing the contract and placing an order, please fill in your real name, delivery address and valid contact information accurately, so that we can arrange delivery in time.
If you have any special requirements for delivery, please be sure to contact our pre-sales customer service for consultation in advance.
Please check the receipt information carefully before payment. If you fill in the wrong address due to personal negligence, please contact customer service in time. We will try our best to contact the express for you to negotiate.
Please note:
If the address modification application is submitted after delivery, the success cannot be guaranteed, and the risks and expenses arising from the address modification shall be borne by the customer.

*LZK will not be responsible for delivery delays due to the following reasons:
The delivery is delayed due to remote areas and inconvenient transportation;
The delivery of the package is delayed or cannot be delivered due to the buyer’s reasons (such as changing the delivery address, unknown address, wrong address, failure to contact, rejection, no receiver, etc.);
Delays caused by the failure of normal stowage or land transportation due to maritime security inspections;
Delays caused by force majeure (“force majeure” refers to unforeseen, inevitable or insurmountable objective circumstances and other objective circumstances that affect delivery time and cause delivery delays, including but not limited to national or regional air or ground traffic system control or disruption, communication system interference or failure, government actions, policy changes of competent authorities, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, heavy rain, heavy fog and other similar events).

Order And Logistics Tracking

automatic reminder
After your order is shipped, you will receive a notification email or text message with the tracking number.
active query
Contact customer service for inquiries ( https://www.lzkcnc.com/contact/ )

Inspection And Sign

LZK Liangzhi guarantees that the outer packaging of the goods is intact at the time of shipment. In order to protect your rights and interests, it is recommended that you check the outer packaging when you receive the goods. If you find any damage or deformation, please contact customer service immediately to solve the problem. If the outer packaging is seriously damaged, please reject it on the spot. If you have signed for the receipt or someone else has signed for it, it is deemed that the outer packaging of the product, the quantity and content of the product are correct. In order to protect your rights and interests, we strongly recommend that you take a complete unpacking video and confirm whether you have received all the items according to the packing list. If you find that the product is missing or damaged after unpacking, please be sure to contact customer service within 24 hours of receiving the product so that you can quickly solve the problem.

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