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LZK designers provide you with complete solutions for improving production efficiency and sheet metal bending

Efficient bending robot

The 6-axis bending robot is used to improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

overall project solution

Based on the actual needs of users, combined with energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and other environmental requirements, a practical, efficient and energy-saving overall project equipment solution is designed.

Bending die design

LZK designs bending molds for users free of charge with rich experience, and welcomes users to experience.

Industry Solutions

Automobile industry

Sheet metal work for super-large workpieces High-precision cutting and sheet metal processing are performed on workpieces through large laser cutting machines and large bending machines. Crane | Cement pump truck | Special vehicle industry

door industry

Long, high-precision, multi-angle workpieces The electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine is used to bend long workpieces with high precision and multiple angles. Stainless Steel Door | Copper Door | Special Door

Elevator industry

High-precision and high-efficiency sheet metal bending of standard parts Through laser cutting, electro-hydraulic bending machines and manipulators, high-precision sheet metal processing is performed on workpieces. Vertical Elevator | Step Elevator | Special Elevator

Chassis cabinet industry

Various types of sheet metal work with complex angles Through laser cutting machines and bending machines, high-precision cutting and sheet metal processing are performed on workpieces. Chassis | Dustbin | File Cabinet

Stainless steel industry

Sheet metal work for stainless steel non-standard parts High-precision sheet metal processing is performed on the workpiece through the bending machine. Stainless steel industry

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