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The company specializes in the production of CNC hydraulic bending machines, CNC hydraulic shearing machines, CNC fiber laser cutting machines and other machines.

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We are rated as an excellent quality sheet metal processing machinery manufacturer and supplier. The company was established in October 1990 and started production in 1988. It is a high-tech enterprise and is located in Bowang Industrial Zone, a national spark technology-intensive area. It is 20 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and 50 kilometers away from Nanjing South Railway Station. The transportation is convenient.
With a registered capital of about 3 million US dollars, the company covers an area of 12,000 square meters and a production workshop of 8,800 square meters. It is a large-scale manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery and equipment. At present, LZK has a total of 80 employees, composed of well-trained and qualified mechanical operators and assembly skills, supporting LZK’s products to adopt national standardized production. Over the past few years, LZK has developed into a major company exporting sheet metal machinery to the world market, with customers posting most machine tool consuming countries.
LZK currently has representative offices in more than 60 countries and regions through authorized distributors. Here, with its long-term and rich engineering experience, LZK hopes to become a quality-conscious dedicated machinery manufacturing company to serve the industry.


Sold to more than 60 countries


The company was founded in 1988


Registered capital of USD 500,000

Advanced Service Concept

Our service concept is to provide users with "active, meticulous, fast, professional and standardized" services, so that users can enjoy "meticulous" services.

Perfect service network

We always adhere to the customer-centric guiding ideology to ensure that users have local maintenance service outlets. We will carry forward the pioneering spirit of the times, strive to shorten the service waiting time, and put forward the service concept around the user experience. We will continue to promote the development of the service network to make the service more convenient.

Standardized service process

In order to reflect the service content of "active, meticulous, fast, professional and standardized", we have established a complete set of standardized service procedures, so that customers can feel the "meticulous" service.


Strengthen customer relationship management and improve customer satisfaction

One is to improve customer information files. At the same time, three return customer service systems are established by dealers, service points, and after-sales service departments
To establish after-sales service, users should not only accept consultation and complaints, but also improve direct customer visits. This visit is to investigate customers by telephone, so as to accurately understand the implementation of service policies and standards, as well as customer complaints from the service point. From the service point of view, the service experience will be formed into service policies and standards in order to better improve services and increase customer satisfaction.
Enhance different forms of customer care. Through relevant themed services, strengthen customer care, continuously form a good word-of-mouth effect, and rapidly improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

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Quick Service Response

We require all service points to provide 24-hour fast service support and ensure service resources: personnel, spare parts, tools, etc. Once the customer service request is received, reach the service location within 24 hours; the service point must also ensure that the 24-hour service phone is unlocked, and after receiving the information service request, quickly notify the person in charge, immediately determine the service plan, and arrive at the destination. For the first time, solve customer problems within 24 hours, so that customers really feel "we are here".

strengthen training

In order to improve the overall quality of the service network, we will formulate corresponding training plans and training support for service stations, so as to improve service quality, maintenance technical level and customer satisfaction from all aspects.

improve product quality

We are committed to continuously promoting the improvement of product quality and making customers more satisfied with our products through service work and feedback to relevant departments.

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