LZKV series hydraulic CNC gantry V groover machine

LZK full CNC gantry slotting machine adopts advanced CNC system with novel design. It has the characteristics of high processing precision, simple operation, no noise and no vibration.

This machine tool is used to make V-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic plates, copper plates, iron plates, bakelite plates, acrylic plates and other special plates.) It is especially suitable for V groove processing of sheet metal parts before bending.


Manually adjusted blade clearance, high-quality hydraulic system, and high-precision backgauge structure.

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V Groover machine

LZK | Frame structure bed and beam

The bed and beam of the V-grooving machine are designed with a frame structure, the workbench is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel, and the frame is made of Q345 steel, which is not only strong but also durable.

LZKV series CNC gantry type sheet metal slotting machine detail photo
V Groover machine

LZK | Slotting machine control system

The slotting machine control system adopts CNC numerical control, touch screen operation, easy to learn and understand for operators, and accurate positioning.

LZKV series CNC gantry type sheet metal slotting machine detail photo
V Groover machine

LZK | Slotting machine forming alloy knife

Using the processing technology of three forming alloy knives at the front and back, the iron filings generated during processing are greatly reduced. Compared with the traditional five knives, the processing accuracy is also greatly improved, because the groove bottom processed by five knives may produce multiple bottom lines. strip.

V Groover machine

LZK | Fully hydraulic clamping and pressing device

Adopting full hydraulic clamping and pressing, the work is fast, the pressing is firmer, and there is no indentation. The whole process follows the cooling and blowing. With alarm device.

V Groover machine

LZK | Rack and pinion drive system

High-speed alloy steel rack and pinion, large-pitch ball screw, and high-precision, silent linear guide. The spindle system is driven by a high-torque servo motor coupled with an imported star reducer. The gantry adopts 6 ultra-quiet sliding seats, which makes the tool post more stable and faster when processing workpieces.


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Gate tool holder structure

guillotine shearing machine adopts a professional gate-type knife holder structure, the blade gap is automatically fine-tuned, and the nitrogen gas is charged for the return stroke.

reversible grid fence

Safety cuts are visible with translucent reversible grid guardrails.

Professional CNC system

Adopt ESTUN and DELEM brand CNC system, E21, DAC310, DAC360.

High quality hydraulic system

It adopts Siemens motor, Sunny oil pump and Rexroth hydraulic valve group.

LZK special rack

LZK is a special support rack for users, which is convenient and direct to take out materials, and the ball support plate does not scratch the plate.

High-precision backgauge structure

Using ball screw and linear guide rail, driven by servo motor, the positioning of back gauge is fast and accurate.

Blade gap manual adjustment

High-precision adjustment design for blade gap, manual adjustment.

Reliable Electrical Components

Using genuine Schneider electronic components, stable and reliable with good quality.

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