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Payment method

In mainland China, LZK supports the following payment methods:

-pay by AliPay
-WeChat payment
-UnionPay payment
-Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer
After signing the contract and selecting “Bank Transfer” on the online banking page, you can remit money to the designated account opened by LZK in China Merchants Bank through any domestic bank.

After choosing bank transfer, please remit the money in time and send the payment voucher to bert@lzkcnc.com. The content of the email must include the user name, contract amount, remitter name, remittance card number, remittance amount, remittance bank branch, and the title of the email should be named after the order number;
Support personal bank transfer and company bank transfer (the company transfer account name must be consistent with the registered company name);
Some products may not support bank transfer, please refer to the payment method on the order payment page;
The payment time is generally 1-3 working days. After the corresponding payment is confirmed, your order will take effect immediately and will enter the production process. If the payment is not confirmed after 5 working days after the payment is remitted, please contact customer service.

If you have any payment-related issues, please contact customer service through the following methods for assistance.
Contact: +86 555 6766721
Customer service email: bert@lzkcnc.com
Online customer service: https://www.lzkcnc.com/contact/ Submit online below



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