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After-sales Service Policy


This LZK Liangzhi after-sales policy only applies to LZK Liangzhi products that you purchase for your own use and not for resale.

Service Area

LZK Liangzhi guarantees that under normal use, the LZK Liangzhi product you purchased will be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty period of this product is calculated from the day after you receive the goods. If you cannot provide valid evidence such as the purchase invoice, the warranty start date will be postponed by 90 days from the production date shown on the machine or otherwise provided by LZK Liangzhi. Regulation.

How to Get After-sales Service

During the warranty period, if the product cannot achieve the guaranteed function, please contact LZK Liangzhi to obtain the corresponding after-sales service.
LZK Liangzhi may not provide after-sales service in some regions, and the content of after-sales service policy may also vary from place to place. Fees may apply for services outside the regular scope of service. For local information, please contact LZK Liangzhi.

Preparations Before Obtaining After-sales Service

Before obtaining after-sales service for your product, please be sure to follow the steps below:
√ Follow the service process of LZK Liangzhi;
√ Remove all functional parts, parts, optional parts, modified parts and accessories outside the scope of after-sales service;
√ Ensure that the product or component is not subject to any legal restrictions preventing its replacement;
√ If the product or component is not owned by you, please obtain permission from the owner of the product or component so that LZK Liangzhi can provide you with after-sales service.

LZK’s Solution

After contacting LZK Liangzhi, please explain the problems in the product in detail.
LZK Liangzhi technical support staff will try to diagnose and solve your problem by phone, email, or WeChat video call. LZK Liangzhi can guide you to download and install the specified firmware update.
If your problem cannot be solved by phone, LZK Liangzhi will arrange service according to the type of warranty service enjoyed by the product.

Replacement Products and Parts

If the warranty service involves the replacement of a product or part, the replaced product or part becomes the property of LZK Conscience and the replaced product or part becomes your property. Only unaltered LZK products and components may be replaced.
Replacement products or parts provided by LZK Liangzhi may not be brand new, but they are certainly in good working order and at least equivalent in performance to the part being replaced. Replacement products or accessories carry the same warranty for the remainder of the original product’s warranty period.

Non-after-sales Policy Protection Scope

This policy does not cover the following situations:
× Collision and burning accidents caused by man-made non-product quality problems;
×Damage caused by unauthorized modification, dismantling, shell opening, etc. not guided by the official manual;
×Damage caused by incorrect installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instruction manual;
×In the absence of official instructions and guidance, the damage caused by the customer repairing the assembly without authorization;
×Damage caused by circuit modification guided by unofficial instructions, or improper matching and use of accessories;
×Damage caused by failure to operate according to the product manual;
× Damage caused by operation in harsh environments, such as flooding, freezing, etc.;
×Damage caused by operation exceeding the safe withstand voltage;
×Damage caused by forced operation when parts are aging or damaged;
×Damage caused by reliability and compatibility issues when used with third-party components not certified by LZK Liangzhi at the same time;
×Damage caused by insufficient power supply or insufficient power supply due to the use of power with quality problems;
×The serial number of the machine, the factory label and other marks are torn or altered;

Your Other Rights

This warranty statement gives you additional, specific rights. You may also have other legal rights which vary depending on the applicable laws of your country or jurisdiction. According to the written agreement signed between you and LZK Liangzhi, you may also have other rights. Nothing in this warranty statement affects those statutory rights which cannot be waived or limited by contract, including rights conferred on consumers by laws or regulations regulating the sale of consumer goods.

*This after-sales service policy is only applicable to mainland China, other countries and regions are subject to local after-sales service policies and laws and regulations.

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