HPB-110T3200 New Model Electro-hydraulic Bending Machine

DA66T system, 6+1 axis
HPB-110T3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine Black

Machine frame processing

A large floor boring and milling machine is used to process the bending machine frame as a whole.

High-precision electro-hydraulic synchronization

Higher bending precision, anti-eccentric load, more durable.

Upper and lower mold standard segments

The mold segments are 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300 (cm), and the user can customize the length.

Professional CNC system

The Dutch Delem CNC system is used by default, and users can customize it.

Electromechanical deflection compensation

Input plate thickness and length parameters in the digital system, and the system will automatically perform deflection compensation.

High-precision backgauge structure

Using ball screw and linear guide rail, driven by servo motor, the positioning of back gauge is fast and accurate.

The height of the finger can be adjusted manually as a whole

The height of the finger is adjusted by the whole design, and the height of the finger can be adjusted manually.

Angular Programming | Graphics Programming

The user can directly program the angle, and each step of the process can be a precise bending machine.

LZK | DELEM DA66T CNC system makes complex work simple

Adopt Delem DA66T numerical control system, two-dimensional graphics programming, three-dimensional graphics display, the system runs stably, the program has no bugs, and the parameter calculation is accurate.

HPB-110T3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine Black detail photo

LZK | Intelligent hydraulic synchronization system, more efficient work, anti-eccentric load

The Rexroth integrated intelligent hydraulic system is adopted to simplify the oil circuit connection, the system is actively synchronized, has a high anti-eccentric load capacity, and the precision is as high as 0.02mm. The hydraulic synchronization minimizes wear and tear during normal operation and lowers the failure rate.

HPB series main motor servo electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine detail photo
HPB series main motor servo electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine detail photo

LZK | A variety of mold options to match various bending workpieces, with higher precision and faster speed

A variety of molds are optional to adapt to the production of various workpieces, so that the bending angle of the bending machine is more accurate and the work efficiency is higher.

HPB-110T3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine Black detail photo

LZK | Electromechanical deflection compensation

Made of high-strength steel, it has a non-linear wave inclined block structure inside, driven by a motor, and can accurately adjust the compensation amount.

HPB-110T3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine Black detail photo

LZK | Reliable Electrical Systems

Open the door and cut off the power, high-quality servo motor driver, Schneider Electric components. Servo main motor, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise.

WC67K Series Torsion Axis Synchronous CNC Bending Machine detail photo

LZK | 6+1 axis precise and fast backgauge system

The backgauge is welded with steel structure, which has high rigidity, and is driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide to ensure high precision operation, and the height of the beam is adjusted by numerical control.

HPB-110T3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine Black detail photo
modelNominal pressureMaximum bending lengthColumn spacingThroat DepthSlider strokemaximum opening heightpowerBack gauge travelBack gauge speedL*W*H(mm)weight
Optional modelsManufacturerRemark
CNC system●DA-52s
●ESA S630
●ESA S640
Hydraulic system●Open loop
●Closed loop
Number of axes of backgauge●3+1 axis
●4+1 axis
●6+1 axis
●8+1 axis

carbon steel material
oil pump●allead Allead
Main motor●AC motor
●Servo motor
●Servo pump
Front support●Simple fixed type
●Monorail movable type
●Two-track movable type
safety device●Side (guardrail) + rear (guardrail)
●Side (guardrail + light curtain protection) + rear (guardrail)
●Side (guardrail + laser protection) + rear (guardrail)
deflection compensation●Mechanical electric compensation
●Hydraulic compensation
Upper mold clamping●Hand-press upper mold clamping
●Hydraulic upper die clamping
electric●SchneiderSchneiderDoor open power failure protection
foot switch●KACONKACON
Lower mold●Single V lower die
●Multi-V lower mold
●Double V same core lower mold
LZKDouble V core mold can be segmented
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