LZK | Fully CNC Pneumatic Gantry V Groover Machine

LZK CNC pneumatic gantry V Groover Machine adopts advanced CNC system with novel design. It has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, simple operation, no noise and no vibration.
This machine tool is used for V-groove, U-groove and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts

(including stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, iron plate, bakelite board, acrylic plate and some other special plates.)

The processing is especially suitable for the V-groove processing of sheet metal parts before bending.

LZK | Frame structure bed and beam

The bed and beam of the V-grooving machine adopt a frame structure design. The worktable is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel, and the frame is made of Q345 steel, which is not only strong but also durable.

LZK | Slotting machine body

The steel plate is welded, and the internal stress is eliminated by vibration aging. The whole machine is processed on the gantry boring and milling machine to make the whole machine stronger, more rigid and more stable; through sandblasting, a good paint effect is ensured.

LZK | Slotting Machine Control System

The control system of Liangzhi slotting machine adopts CNC numerical control and touch screen operation. The operator is easy to learn and understand, and the positioning is accurate.

LZK | Slotting machine forming alloy knife

The processing technology of three formed alloy knives at the front and back greatly reduces the iron filings generated during processing. Compared with the traditional five knives, the machining accuracy is also greatly improved. Because the bottom of the groove processed by the five knives may produce multiple bottom lines Article.

LZK | All-pneumatic clamping and pressing device

Adopting full pneumatic clamping and pressing, work quickly, so that the processed products have no clamping marks or indentations, and the cooling and blowing are tracked during the entire processing process. With alarm device.

LZK | Rack and Pinion Transmission System

Use high-speed alloy steel rack and pinion, large pitch ball screw, and high-precision, silent linear guide. The main shaft system is driven by a high-torque servo motor with an imported star reducer. The gantry adopts 6 ultra-quiet sliding seats, which makes the tool post more stable and faster when processing workpieces.

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