The work principle of sheet metal press brake

Importance of Sheet Metal Press Brake


The sheet metal press brake is an important metal sheet processing equipment. It can bend various metal sheets through high-precision operation. It can not only process workpieces with complex shapes to meet a variety of design needs, but also ensure mass production of workpieces. accuracy and consistency, while improving work efficiency and saving working time and production costs.

Sheet Metal Press Brake Operation Process


1. Obtaining workpiece drawings: 

After obtaining the bending workpiece drawings, select the appropriate process flow through calculation.

2. Mold selection: 

Select the appropriate upper and lower molds.

3. Set bending parameters: 

Set appropriate bending parameters (pressure, angle or position, back positioning, top dead center setting) in the CNC system.

4. Start bending:

To start bending, press the foot switch on the rear of the machine, and the slider will run to perform bending or forming work.

5. Pressure maintenance and release:

After maintaining the pressure, the working system will release the pressure and the slider returns to the top dead center to complete the sheet forming.

The Role and Rapid Replacement of Molds

  • Ensure product performance: Suitable upper and lower molds can ensure product performance of bent workpieces.
  • Application of different molds: By using different molds, various bending and forming operations can be achieved.
  • Quick mold change device: The rapid mold change device can greatly shorten the mold change time.
Quick mold change device

CNC System and Precision Positioning

High repeatability positioning accuracy: CNC systems, high-precision positioning systems and measurement systems can provide higher position repeatability and optimized bending processes to ensure consistency in mass production.

CNC control unit

Safety During Production

  • Laser protection device: The laser safety system monitors the bending area using laser sensors. Once the system detects any intrusion, the machine will immediately stop functioning. Ensure operator safety.
Safety devices
  • Peripheral mechanical protection: Together with peripheral mechanical protection (protective covers, guardrails, etc.), it forms a comprehensive safety protection.
  • Safety in emergencies: Emergency stop switches and safety sensors ensure safe operation in emergencies.

Advantages of Advanced CNC Systems

  • Expanded performance: Choosing a higher-level CNC system can further expand the performance of the bending machine and better realize and control the bending process.
  • Complex batch special shape processing: Achieve more complex batch special shape bending processes.
  • Upgrade your measurement and positioning systems: further, ensure the consistency of repeated bending and reduce material loss due to errors.
  • Automatic programming and simulation: Advanced CNC systems and measurement positioning systems can automatically program and simulate errors that may occur during the bending process, reducing the need for product proofing.


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