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TH Series Hydraulic Quick Clamp Integrated With Convex Workbench

TH series hydraulic quick clamp integrated with convex workbench

  • Automatic fast locking and release of the lower die can be realized for the workbench with center slot
  • Perfect integration of hydraulic quick clip integrated system and convex worktable
  • Oil source and control, preferably integrated with the main engine hydraulic and numerical control system,can also be equipped with independent pump station control
  • Special expansion tubing is used to uniformly lock the lower die for the full length
  • Built-in high precision integral plus convex wave bar
  • Bidirectional compensation can realize horizontal fine adjustment function
  • Standard integrated deceleration motor, aluminum alloy panel and ruler.

Hydraulic quick clamp (for upper die)

  • For different types of upper die, the upper die can be quickly locked and loosened
  • UHW series applies wila standard upper die,with built-in special expansion tube overall structure, aluminum alloy panel and ruler
  • UHB series is applicable to bystronic standard upper die,UHL series is applicable to lwd standard upper die, both adopt special cylinder segment connection structure, large pressure, suitable for large tonnage bending machine
  • Special expansion tubing or specialoil cyinder is adopted, and the upper die is unifomly lodked in the whole length to ensure safe and reliable use
  • Oil scurce and control, recomimended to be integrated with the main engine system, can aso be equipped with independent pump station control.
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